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Terms of Service

Terms of service

1. Terms of use
By accessing this website, you are accepting our Terms of Service, and agree with our rules and conditions stated below and on entire website. If you do not agree with any of these terms or rules, you are not allowed to use the website or access any page. The products contained in this website are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.
2. Package or Order Delivery
After you paid an order and we received it successfully you can create a licence and download the product instantly from your account. If your order is not available for download that means we need to manually check and deliver the product to your account or e-mail, this can take between 1-24 hours. If you still have problems or encountering any other problems you can use our direct mail to send us a message: [email protected]
3. User Product Licence
Depending on your licence purchased you will be granted to download the product/software ( intangible goods ) with a certain license that only you can use for the domain purchased.This needs to be considerated as a grand of a license not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not:
  • - Copy the content and sell it under other name or in anyway;
  • - Remove any copyrights or other proprietary notations from the scripts/materials;
  • - Use any content from the website claiming that you own it;
  • - Transfer the materials to another person, unless your website is sold entirely;

If you brake any of this restriction your license will be automatically teminated by ScriptBolt at anytime.
4. Refund Policy
We have a strict no refund policy, therfor we are providing for any script a live demo and example of what features it have along with an explaining list , so we ask you to check that before buying so you are sure of the product purchased. No refunds will be provided once bought unless the script itself it is not working properly from the files itself not from a hosting issue or any other issues that are not related to us.
5. User Behavior
Any abusive behavior that involves but not limited to swearing, offensive, insulting or threatening behaviour towards ScriptBolt, it's members , customers or staff is strictly forbidden. Any kind of this abuse will result in immediate suspention and termination of service without any possibility of returning.
6. Terms of Service Updates
Terms of service were updated last time on 24/04/2014. ScriptBolt reserves the right to modify this terms of service at anytime and without any notice.